FibaFuse Joint Tape: Strong, Fast & Flat

FibaFuse Paperless Plasterboard Joint TapeFibaFuse might be new at Wallboard Tools – but it’s been on the market for a while and it’s got people talking.

What is FibaFuse? It’s a revolutionary paperless plasterboard tape made from glass matte fibres.  It can be installed both by hand and with Automatic Tools like the Tapepro Mud Box or Automatic Taper. The open structure of the fibres means greater joint compound penetration resulting in a superior bond and a stronger joint. FibaFuse is mould resistant, easy to cut and maintains folds well for sharp, hassle free corners.

Since Wallboard’s release of FibaFuse in July we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to speak to a few longer term users of the product. One of whom is Gary from Wodonga. Gary has been using FibaFuse for about two years and in that time hasn’t had any call backs on projects using the product. Initially not convinced at the strength claims surrounding FibaFuse Gary conducted his own tests. He taped 300mm x 100mm blocks of 10mm plasterboard with FibaFuse, allowed them to dry then tried pulling them apart from various angles. He recalled “during the test it was the plasterboard that failed rather than the FibaFuse – it didn’t matter what I threw at it, the joints taped with FibaFuse never failed”.

Jeff is another convert to FibaFuse. He’s been using the paperless joint tape for about 3 years now and isn’t afraid to describe it as a “game changer”. In particular he loves the strength. He remembers taping a new house which then needed to be relocated to it’s final destination. He recounted “after the house was relocated the plasterboard was broken in a few areas but the joints I had taped with FibaFuse remained intact, solid and strong”. The other big feature Jeff highlighted was the moisture resistance. He mentioned that it not only makes for a flatter joint but it also allows you to recoat joints faster when compared to paper tape.

So there you have it – FibaFuse is strong, moisture resistant and creates a flatter joint.  But don’t take our word for it – try it out for yourself.  It’s available from Wallboard Tools now in a 75m and 150m roll.

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