Feedback on Trim-Tex Angle Master

Trim-Tex Angle Master is a PVC Corner Tape specifically designed for creating off-angles and finishing long runs without joins. Angle Master is hinged in the middle enabling it to create any angle imaginable while producing clean, straight lines. It’s supplied on a 30.5m roll and is 82mm wide over all.

“Angle Master is extremely versatile. This product enabled me to create unusual angles that have a sharp finish. The same job would have presented far more of a challenge in the past.”
Brendon Freeman, B&D Plastering

Angle Master has been on the market for a little over a month now – and before that Wallboard Tools conducted extensive trials of the product to ensure that it performed well under Australian plastering conditions.

“….it was just easy to use. We buttered up the bead, made sure it was straight, done. It held a really nice line – I’d use it again.”
Adrian Lamond, Base Painting and Plastering

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with contractors loving the ease with which the product installs and the sharp appearance it gives when finished. Because Angle Master is a PVC product, it doesn’t fur-up or damage when working or sanding like some of the other composite products on the market.

“… I’ve used it on obtuse internals and rakes. It installs nicely, holds a straight line and doesn’t fur up when working it. I like it so much, I’m on my second roll…”
Gary Holt, Gary Holt Plastering

Angle Master is installed using Base Compound – either applied by hand or using a Compound Applicator Tube and Mud Head. The underside of the tape is covered with patented “Micro Hooks” allowing the product to bond so strongly to the corner – it almost becomes part of it.

“… it’s the quality I expect from Trim-Tex. Easy to install and it’s a huge benefit that you can cut it to any length and not have to join product.”
Perry Matin, Drywall Plasterers Australia

As with all Trim-Tex Products, Angle Master is made from corrosion resistant PVC that’s extremely easy to cut, install, sand and paint. Still not convinced – check out the gallery below featuring pictures of Trim-Tex Angle Master installed.

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