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Trim-Tex Mud Set Tear Away Flat BeadIntroducing Mud Set Tear Away Flat Bead from Trim -Tex.  Flat Tear Away makes it easy to create a finished edge where plasterboard terminates at other substrates or with building components such as windows or doors.

The new Mud Set version of the increasingly popular Flat Tear Away Bead can be installed either by hand or using automatic tools.  The Flat Tear Away Applicator (FTA) attaches to the Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube (CA-T) and applies a ribbon of base compound to the plasterboard surface.

It features “Mud Lock” technology allowing the bead to bond so strongly to the plasterboard service it almost becomes part of it.  Another feature is the longer Tear Away leg measuring 14mm rather than the 6mm leg on the Spray and Staple Flat Bead.

Tapepro Flat Tear Away ApplicatorIn our latest video watch the installation of Spray and Staple trims in comparison to Mud Set Beads – amazing results in half the time.

Trim-Tex Mud Set Flat Tear Away Bead is available now in cartons of 40 x 3m lengths.

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