Expect nothing less than a superior finish with Wallboard Super Mesh

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about when you hear people talking about Wallboard Super Mesh? Why it has grown in popularity becoming a Wallboard Tools favourite. Let’s have a look.

What features are Wallboard Super Mesh sporting?

  • Made from tough aluminium oxide grain with resin over resin bonding
  • Anti clogging technology with thousands of holes
  • Hook & Loop type polyamide fabric backing

How does this benefit you?

  • With its durable aluminium oxide grain surface and polyamide fabric backing, Super Mesh is designed to sand strong and lasts longer than any regular paper faced sanding disc
  • It’s anti clogging design feature helps you achieve a superior finish, while reducing the amount of airborne dust it creates
  • Its superb results and durability will outlast traditional paper faced power sanding abrasive products, making it a more cost effective solution for contractors who have a lot of sanding on their plate
  • Gain more control resulting in a more uniform sanding pattern which produces a superior surface finish

Are you convinced? Well, you don’t have to take our word for it. Let’s see what others had to say about Wallboard Super Mesh after they received samples from our recent giveaway.

“Hi team, thank you for sending me the super mesh samples. I used them on 2 double story houses only using one single disc. It works well on both draft machine and pole sanding, it’s very strong and last longer than a normal pad.”

Anusorn Mahamad – Room91 Plastering Service – Auckland

“Love the mesh pads, they went well and didn’t have any trouble with dust building up on the pad. A few of the guys had a go and really liked them.”

Kevin Wharton – Ninth Avenue Constructions – Toowoomba

“Boys loved em. Less swirl marks, almost none basically. More control of how much you can sand off and leave on. It also seemed like there was less dust.”

Kevin Currie – Illawarra Plastering Services – Illawarra

“Today we tested out the new Wallboard 220 grit sanding mesh on our final unit in Cabarita. Have to say doesn’t leave any dust and should be able to get through the whole job on the 1 pad. Thanks guys for sending some out rate them highly”

Jamie Skennar – Skennar and Sons – Gold Coast

Convinced now? Wallboard Super Mesh is available by the sheet or in convenient 5 packs from your local Wallboard Tools Distributor in 180, 220 or 240 grit.