Easy loading with the Speed Filler Pump

Have you been searching for a mechanical filling solution but hate the idea of cleaning a loading pump? Well, we have some exciting news.

Wallboard Tools is pleased to introduce the Speed Filler Pump – a plastic pump designed to fill Flat Boxes, Mud Boxes and Plastic Tapers, fast.

The Speed Filler Pump draws compound straight from the bucket – the moulded flat end fits perfectly into the mouth of most Flat Boxes. It boasts an impressive 1.38 litre capacity – to put that into perspective it can fill one of Tapepros high capacity 200mm Flat Boxes in a single pump.

Wallboard Tools Speed Filler Pump

Wallboards Speed Filler Pump is an economical solution when filling tools – it also helps to reduce stress on the body. The 700mm long tube vastly reduces the amount of bending usually involved in most common filling tasks.

It’s compact and lightweight, weighing under 1kg empty. But the best part? It takes seconds to clean.  For a more thorough clean; the top unscrews giving access to the inside of tube and plunger mechanism.

The Speed Filler Pump is available now – ask your local plasterboard retailer for more information.

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