Conquer off-angles with Trim-Tex Angle Master

Trim-Tex and Wallboard Tools is pleased to announce another plastering solution is joining our range.

The latest innovation from Trim-Tex, Angle Master, has just landed at Wallboard Tools. Angle Master is not your regular Trim-Tex bead. It’s a unique tapered, PVC corner tape supplied as a 30.5m roll. This new tape is 82mm wide and hinged in the centre allowing it create any off-angle imaginable, as well as super strong, seamless long runs.

Trim-Tex Angle Master Corner Tape

The underside of the mud legs is covered in patented “Micro Hooks” designed to lock-in base compound to produce the strongest possible bond between Angle Master and plasterboard. Angle Master is a paperless design, eliminating common issues experienced with composite beads and tapes, like damage to the product or furring from too many passes and overspending. The product has a lightly textured face for optimum compound and paint adhesion.

Angle Master is a mud on bead – no spray adhesive or staples are required. For faster installation that’s easier on your body check out the Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube and the range of specialised mud heads like the Manta Ray (AIA).

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