Changes to the Tapepro Mud Box Series

Over the last 12 months both Tapepro Mud Boxes have had not only a facelift but also a slew of new features added to them. If you’re not familiar with what’s happened to the Mud Box Original or Mud Box Pro click through below to read more.

Tapepro haven’t stopped there. Always innovating to make their taping tools the best performing and easiest to use in Australia. There have been two small additional changes to the Mud Box series which will be rolling out over the coming few weeks.

Updated Mud Retainer (MB-7) – the Mud Box Mud Retainer has been redesigned to allow for compound mixes that can transfer to the underside of the tape inside the Mud Box. 12mm grooves have been machined into the part to ensure compound flow on top of the tape and good coverage of compound under the tape when applied.

Updates to Tapepro Mud Box Series

New Mud Box Lid Tab (MBA-34) – Tapepro have added a tab to the lid of all new Mud Boxes – this makes the lid easier to lift and remove when filling. All MBA-34 replacement lids will also have the new tab welded to them.

Updates to Tapepro Mud Box Series

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>> Changes to the Tapepro Mud Box Original
>> Changes to the Tapepro Mud Box Pro

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