Changes to the DC-1350 Plasterboard Cart

Changes to the Wallboard Tools Plasterboard CartRecently the Wallboard Tools Plasterboard Cart has undergone a design update. The frame and castor configuration has been upgraded making the Wallboard Tools Plasterboard Cart more manoeuvrable and better value than ever before.

What’s changed?
1. The bottom frame now has a “bend” in it – this makes the cart easier to navigate in tight spaces, around corners and through doorways
2. New polyurethane castors – the castors are now manufactured from high quality polyurethane meaning they won’t leave any marks and have a longer operational life
3. Castor configuration – the plasterboard carts updated design now has 3 free moving castors and 1 fixed / locking castor.

As with the previous model it’s important to observe all safety advice including:
• Keeping the locking castor locked when in operation
• Pushing the cart from the end of the sheets
• Having 2 people push the cart when it’s fully loaded
• Not loading the cart with sheets longer than 3.6m
• Not standing beside the sheets when the carts in motion

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