Better crimping with the Wallboard Tools 11-25 crimper

Better crimping with the 11-25 Stud Crimpers from Wallboard ToolsStud Crimpers are a fast, cost effective solution when securing metal stud and track.  A tooth attached to the head of the crimper punches through both the stud and track folding the punched portion over, “crimping” both pieces of steel together.

We recently introduced a new crimper, the 11-25.  The 11-25 uses similar crimping action to the SC-19 model but has longer handles for better leverage and a larger punching tooth.  We were excited by the initial results when running some basic tests here at our testing centre in Queensland.  After our initial trials we decided to put our three Stud Crimpers to the test to find out how they perform.

All three of our crimpers were tested based on the amount of pressure required to complete a crimp, the design of the tool (comfort), strength of the crimp and the price (how economical the crimper is).  We totalled each of the results and came up with an “overall result” based on how the crimpers performed in each of the criteria.

Check out our results in the table below:

Wallboard Tools In-House Stud Crimper Test Results

In figure 1 (below) you can see each of the crimpers piercing the stud and track and the resulting crimp from both the outside and inside (where the metal is folded over).

Figure 1: Quality and strength of crimp

Each of the crimpers preformed well during the testing.  There was a clear winner however and that was our newest crimper (11-25) topping all the criteria – but most noticeably with the strongest, most defined crimp.

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