11 ways to finish a corner with Trim-Tex…

Did you know that Trim-Tex trims can help you to finish a 90º corner in up to 11 different ways? From straight, square corners to round bullnose and modern Chamfer. Now introducing our new "decorative" corner beads - Step a Bull and Niche Bead. Looking for ways to spice up a room, a bulkhead or a feature? Start at the corner.

Wallboard Tools has recently added three new corner beads to our range.  Two new trims to create designer corners: 10mm Step A Bull and Niche Bead.  Plus super impact resistant 10mm Bullnose Mud Set. After we released them, we did the maths – it turns out we have 11 different ways for you to finish a 90º corner.

New Step A Bull is a great alternative to straight bullnose corner bead. It is perfect for details like soffits, niches and doorways.  10mm Step A Bull can be used anywhere to prevent inconsistent shadows that can occur from oversanding a regular bullnose.  Niche  Bead is designed to create an attractive inside cove on any niche or skylight. Great for built in plasterboard bookcases and decorative soffits.

If you’re looking for a square finish we have a range of corner trims that achieve a sharp look like low profile Slimline, impact resistant Rigid Bead and super fast Mud Set Corner.  There is the cool rounds in 10mm and 19mm Bullnose as well as new 10mm Mud Set Bullnose (the most impact resistant bead in the range). Or could try modern Chamfer in 19mm or 32mm for crisp corners with a difference.

Don’t just “install a 90º corner”… create something new and original.

Request an “11 ways” pack from Wallboard Tools and get a sample length of all 11 90º corner trims. Simply email us at marketing@wbtco.com.au with your postal address and we’ll send a sample pack out to you.

Explore the possibilities with Wallboard Tools and Trim-Tex.

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