• Trim-Tex Angle Master Corner Tape
    Conquer off-angles with Trim-Tex Angle Master
    Trim-Tex and Wallboard Tools is pleased to announce another plastering solution is joining our range. The latest innovation from Trim-Tex, Angle Master, has just landed at Wallboard Tools. Angle Master is not your regular Trim-Tex bead. It’s a unique tapered, PVC corner tape supplied as a 30.5m...
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  • Wallboard Tools 10 litre flexible bucket
    Back in Red: Wallboard’s flexible 10L buckets
    Wallboard Tools has made some changes in response to customer feedback with regards to our 10 litre buckets. Wallboard’s flexible 10 litre buckets are back and better than ever – in our traditional red colour. The improved 10 litre buckets are super flexible for easy cleaning and...
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  • Wallboard Tools new look access panels
    A new look for Wallboard Tools Access Panels
    If you’ve recently ordered a Wallboard Tools Access Panel – you may have noticed a few things have changed. Don’t worry though – the quality and specifications of the panels have remained at the same, high standard. Wallboard’s Access Panels are transitioning to fresh packaging that really...
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  • Wallboard Tools: Proudly supporting the Endeavour Foundation
    Proudly supporting the Endeavour Foundation
    Wallboard Tools is a proud supporter of the Endeavour Foundation. The Endeavour Foundation is an independent organisation founded in 1951; driven to assist people with disabilities, to live a more fulfilling life and turn their possibilities into reality. Today the Endeavour Foundation is a community based organisation with...
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  • 16mm Trim-Tex Tear Away L Bead - 72-9110
    Just arrived: Trim-Tex 16mm Tear Away™ L Bead
    In stock and available now – 16mm Trim-Tex Tear Away™ L Bead is available from Wallboard Tools. Trim-Tex Tear Away L Bead features an 8mm tear off strip which acts as a guide for taping knives and a protective mask. All Trim-Tex beads are made from flexible...
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  • May 2017 Trim-Tex Catalogue | Available for Download
    Download the updated Trim-Tex Catalogue – May 2017
    The May 2017 version of the Trim-Tex catalogue is now available for download. Check out the fresh new look and listings for recent releases like our range of decorative corner beads, practical Trim-Tex Deflection Bead, inspiring LED Light Bead and more. Join us on Facebook for the...
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  • Stainless Series Joint Knives
    New additions to the Stainless Series Joint Knife range
    Wallboard’s popular Stainless Series Joint Knife range is expanding – literally! We’re pleased to introduce two new joint knives to the range. The All Stainless joint knives are now available in an extra wide 200mm (7080) and 250mm (7100) size. As with the other knives in the...
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  • Hyde MudGun™ Pro
    The MudGun™ Pro from Hyde Tools
    Hyde’s MudGun™ Pro is now available from Wallboard Tools. The MudGun™ Pro allows DIY users to achieve a good quality, consistent finish when tackling larger plastering jobs.   Draw joint compound up into the MudGun™ straight from the bucket, saving time and reducing mess. Then follow the...
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  • Wallboard Tools Supports: Dreams2Live4
    Proudly supporting Dreams2live4
    Wallboard Tools is proud to support Dreams2live4, a charity whose mission is to help grant dreams of those suffering with metastatic cancer – or cancer that has spread. Dreams2live4 was founded by metastatic cancer sufferer, Annie Robinson in 2008 as a program of The Prince of Wales...
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  • Christmas greetings from all the staff at Wallboard Tools
    Christmas greetings and holiday shutdown period
    With 2016 at it’s close, the staff at Wallboard Tools would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here’s just some of the stuff that’s happened in 2016: • 10 new products have joined our range including the revolutionary Trim-Tex...
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  • Flat Tear Away L Bead from Trim-Tex - a Stopping Bead with a difference
    Getting legless with Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away Bead
    Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away™ Bead is not your average stopping bead. Unlike regular L Beads, Trim-Tex Flat Tear Away™ Bead has no return leg – making it the perfect solution for areas where a return cannot be slipped behind the plasterboard. Flat Tear Away™ Bead creates a finished...
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  • Wallboard Tools Access Solutions all in one convenient catalogue
    Download now! The new Access Panel catalogue
    Wallboard Tools has just released a 12 page specialised Access Panel catalogue. The new catalogue features Wallboard’s complete Standard and Fire Rated Access Panel range, specification diagrams and detailed installation instructions. Have a closer look at the range of Access Panels available from Wallboard Tools inside the...
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  • Super Mesh premium hook and loop backed abrasives from Wallboard Tools
    Sand stronger for longer with Wallboard Super Mesh
    Super Mesh is a high performance, 225mm in diameter hook and loop backed abrasive product. Since it’s release in 2008 Super Mesh has grown in popularity becoming a Wallboard Tools favourite. Why has Super Mesh become so popular? Super Mesh is packed full of advancements that allow you...
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  • The new Barracuda Cutting Knife
    The new Barracuda Cutting Knife
    The Barracuda Cutting Knife has landed at Wallboard Tools. Wallboard’s fixed blade Barracuda knife is tough and lightweight. The shape of the knife has been specially crafted to reduce fatigue and fit comfortably in the hand. The knife features an “overlap nose” design that keeps the blade...
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  • FTA not JUST for Flat Tear Away Bead
    FTA not JUST for Flat Tear Away Bead
    The FTA Mud Head from Tapepro was released a little over 4 years ago. It was designed to snap onto the Compound Applicator Tube and apply a single line of compound for the application of Mud Set Flat Tear Away Bead. But if that’s all you think...
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  • Popular cutting knife design returns to Wallboard Tools
    Popular cutting knife design returns to Wallboard Tools
    Wallboard Tools is pleased to announce the return of one of the most popular cutting knife designs we’ve stocked. The Wallboard offset head cutting knife is a heavy duty, fixed blade design. The shape of the head increases leverage and therefore cutting force while the die cast...
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  • The Tapepro 600mm Compound Applicator Tube (CA-T24)
    Small yet mighty – the 600mm Compound Applicator Tube
    The Tapepro Compound Applicator Tube is arguably the most versatile taping tool of all time. There are 10 different mud heads and nozzles available for the Compound Applicator that allow it to complete a range of tasks from applying compound to internal corners to laying ribbons of...
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  • Tapepro Slayer Internal Corner Kit
    Introducing the Slayer Internal Corner Kit from Tapepro
    Apply joint compound, bed-in tape then perfectly glaze and feather internal corners with the Slayer Corner Kit. The Slayer Kit from Tapepro Drywall Tools is the most comprehensive set of automatic tools for internal corners on the market today. It includes every tool you need to take...
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  • Updated Wallboard Tools Product Catalogue - 2016 Edition
    Wallboard Tools 2016 Product Catalogue
    Wallboard Tools is pleased to announce the release of our 2016 product catalogue. The layout has undergone a refresh from last year with more bright and vibrant images. In this years catalogue we’ve worked hard to maximise product image size, include more quick reference symbols and refine...
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  • Changes to the Wallboard Tools Plasterboard Cart
    Changes to the DC-1350 Plasterboard Cart
    Recently the Wallboard Tools Plasterboard Cart has undergone a design update. The frame and castor configuration has been upgraded making the Wallboard Tools Plasterboard Cart more manoeuvrable and better value than ever before. What’s changed? 1. The bottom frame now has a “bend” in it – this...
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